As an SNL alum and co-founder of the Upright Citizens Brigade, Amy Poehler knows a thing or two about improv. Now she’s sharing the lessons she’s learned throughout her career in a new MasterClass special.

“The principles of improv have made me more creative, more resilient and more collaborative,” Poehler tells The Hollywood Reporter. “My class is an attempt to show how preparing to be unprepared can add value in how we approach life and relate to other people.”

In the class — dubbed “Prepare to Be Unprepared” — Poehler shares nine principles of improve including “don’t bail on your partners” and “don’t worry about being cool.” It’s split up into 11 parts, and totals just over an hour of content. She also talks about her rise through Hollywood and how improv skills can help with real-world situations — for example, the trailer teases an audience member needs help breaking up with her boyfriend.

“In my class we’re going to discuss how these improv principals affect your real life,” Poehler says in the trailer, which is embedded below. “It’s for people working, in relationships, parents. You know, how do you deal with kind of the the everyday human-ness of life?”

MasterClass is a subscription-based platform that offers lessons from experts in a variety of fields including Bob Iger (Business Strategy and Leadership), Mellody Hobson (Strategic Decision-Making), Hans Zimmer (Film Scoring), Mariah Carey (The Voice as an Instrument), Serena Williams (Tennis), Issa Rae (Creating Outside the Lines), Aaron Sorkin (Screenwriting), Margaret Atwood (Creative Writing), NINJA (Become a Streamer) and many, many more.

Annual memberships typically cost $120, but there’s currently a two-for-one Black Friday deal. Learn more, and check out Poehler’s class, here.


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