While the ’90s “Addams Family” movies came out thirty years ago, Jimmy Workman is seemingly still proud that he got to play Pugsley. He’s attended several film conventions in recent years that celebrate “The Addams Family” and “Addams Family Values.” 

In 2019, for example, he attended his first convention at Horror Hound Weekend, and later tweeted, “I got to meet so many awesome people.” That same year, Workman also went to the New Jersey Horror Con as well as the Spooky Empire Convention in Florida. Later in 2022, he appeared at Horror Con in Los Angeles.

Workman seems to have nothing but happy memories from the sets of “The Addams Family” movies too. He even once told People about how much fun he had with his co-star, Christina Ricci, during the shoot. “We used to chase each other around and drive golf carts all over the lot,” he recalled. Workman is apparently also aware that both movies have become beloved by fans, especially around Halloween. “Throughout the years and all the stories I’ve heard from everybody, it’s impacted their lives a lot,” he told Visionary Minds TV.

With that said, there might be hope that one day, some of the cast from the ’90s “Addams Family” movies would be willing to reprise their roles for some type of reboot or reunion. Because even though Workman no longer looks like he did in the films, for most fans, he’ll always be their “Pugsley.”


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