The upcoming clash between Texas A&M Football and the Ole Miss Rebels is loaded with intriguing storylines. The Aggies are eager to turn their season around after facing tough losses against Miami, Alabama, and Tennessee, in addition to the loss of their talented quarterback. Winning a road game against a ranked team, something they’ve never done under Jimbo Fisher is their new challenge. Ole Miss and LSU, their upcoming opponents, both possess potent offenses that have troubled many teams.

This weekend’s matchup is crucial for Texas A&M, as it’s a game they should theoretically win based on talent alone. However, their recent track record against Ole Miss hasn’t been stellar, and a win here would not only break their road losing streak but set the stage for a showdown against LSU with both teams likely sporting 8-3 records.

This victory would also provide some bragging rights, as the Aggies won’t face Ole Miss in 2024 due to the SEC schedule. Rebel’s head coach, Kiffin, has been quite vocal with his shade towards the Aggies, making this win all the sweeter for the Maroon and White faithful.

Let’s delve into the matchups and assess the likelihood of an Aggie victory.

Ole Miss Pass Offense vs. Texas A&M Pass Defense

The Ole Miss pass offense is a formidable challenge for Texas A&M. Kiffin’s up-tempo, motion-heavy system, and deep throws can be tough to handle when firing on all cylinders. However, when the opposing defense excels at open-field tackling and one-on-one situations, this offense struggles. The Aggies have shown they can stifle such systems, as they did against Tennessee earlier this year.

Jaxson Dart, Ole Miss’ quarterback, is better than Joe Milton, but not by a significant margin. Both teams have averaged similar Pass Production Points per attempt in conference games. The Aggies have improved their downfield coverage and tackling in recent games, which is crucial for preventing explosive plays, an area they’ve struggled in this season. This improvement provides optimism for their performance against Ole Miss.

Ole Miss Rush Offense vs. Texas A&M Rush Defense

Last year, the Rebel’s rushing attack dominated Texas A&M with 390 yards on 63 carries, despite the Aggies allowing just one rushing touchdown. Since then, Texas A&M’s rush defense has transformed into one of the nation’s best. They rank 9th in the country and 1st in the SEC for yards per carry allowed. Ole Miss primarily relies on rushing touchdowns in conference games, which bodes well for the Aggies’ sturdy run defense.

Despite being the second-best rushing attack faced by the Aggies this year, Ole Miss has struggled to match their opponents’ rushing success rates. The Aggies need to disrupt Ole Miss’s ground game and stay disciplined in their pass defense to succeed. With Kiffin’s aggressive approach on fourth downs, short-yardage situations will be crucial to the outcome.

Texas A&M Pass Offense vs. Ole Miss Pass Defense

The Aggies’ pass offense, led by Max Johnson, will be a pivotal matchup. The Rebel’s pass defense, coached by Pete Golding, has been aggressive and effective this season. However, when we exclude the Vanderbilt game, their statistics are more average. The Rebels excel in pressuring the quarterback, ranking second in the conference for sack rate. Texas A&M has performed better than expected against Golding’s defenses in recent years, particularly in the passing game.

To succeed, the Aggies need to devise a game plan that allows Johnson to operate comfortably. Quick thinking and adaptation by Fisher and Petrino will be key against Golding’s aggressive defense.

Texas A&M Rush Offense vs. Ole Miss Rush Defense

The Aggies have been disappointed with their rushing offense this year, ranking third-worst in PPA/rush in the conference. However, the Rebels have vulnerabilities in their rush defense. They’re aggressive but have struggled to maintain consistency in this area. If the Aggie backs can break through the initial tackles, they could find explosive runs.

The key for the Aggies is to avoid predictability and keep the Rebel defense off balance. Varying plays and avoiding running into loaded boxes will be crucial for success.

Final Thoughts on Texas A&M Football vs. Ole Miss

This matchup holds significant implications for Texas A&M Football. A win would break their losing streak against Ole Miss, set up an exciting clash with LSU, and silence Kiffin’s taunts. However, several factors make this a challenging game for the Aggies, including Ole Miss’ strong defense and aggressive play. Despite the odds, the Aggies have their strengths and reasons to be optimistic.

The game promises high drama, and the outcome will shape the narrative for Texas A&M’s season. Whether they rise to the occasion and secure a victory or face another round of questions and dissatisfaction remains to be seen. The talent and determination of the Aggies may prove to be the deciding factors in this closely-matched battle.


Photo courtesy: Dustin Safranek-USA TODAY Sports


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