Shortly before the announcement that the couple got married was shared by Us Weekly, TMZ posted photos that showed Milo Ventimiglia and Jarah Mariano at a restaurant in Los Angeles. In the pictures of the couple watching a rugby game, the “Heroes” actor has a wedding band on. The outlet also reported that Ventimiglia’s representative stated he and Mariano got married earlier in 2023.

Eagle-eyed fans had known about Ventimiglia and Mariano’s rumored relationship for a while. People reported that the gossip page Deuxmoi had been keeping up with those two and sharing sparse updates based on what little information was out there. For example, in 2022, they shared a screenshot of an Instagram story that showed the actor and model holding a bottle of champagne together. Another example of Deuxmoi’s sleuthing was when they reported that Mariano was seen with a “big ole diamond ring and band” in June 2023.


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